Deny Evolution? Explain Yourself.

Upon discovering that a theist denies the validity of the theory of evolution, I open with a question.

Are you unaware that the fossil record and genetic code are evidence supporting evolution or do you not find said evidence compelling?

If they say “I’m unaware,” I then explain the theory to the best of my ability and direct them to further reading. If they say anything else, I move on to the next question.

Do you believe that the evidence in support of evolution is disinformation spread by a conspiracy of academics and government officials or disinformation planted by God to test our faith?

If the theist says they don’t believe the theory because of holes in the fossil record. Tell them that is equivalent to dismissing the gospels because they don’t account for every minute of Jesus’ life.

 We don’t know when Christ went to the bathroom, therefore he doesn’t exist.

If the theist points to some bit of evidence contrary to evolution, you could do quick research to find a possible scientific explanation for this, or simply grant them the evidence. While their anti-evolution news item is likely wrong, it isn’t worth arguing over. No contrary evidence about a single organism can disprove evolution as a whole. Bring the conversation around to the evidence for evolution and return to the primary questions.

If they answer the evidence is part of a conspiracy, ask them what motivation could unify thousands of scientists to distribute a known lie when a dissenter with proof against evolution could earn much more notoriety by defecting? Their answer will either blow your mind and turn you theist or, more likely, expose the delusion.

If they answer the evidence was planted by God to test our faith, ask them which god they are referring to. If they answer a trickster god, such as Loki, then they win the argument. There’s nothing more you can say. If their answer is any other god, ask them how they can distinguish between times when God is sincere and times when he is testing our faith. What if certain books of the Bible are false, added to test our faith? What if their religion as a whole was put on earth to test the faith of some other religion? If God has the tendency to deliberately mislead, then there is no way to tell when reality is authentic, and even if God gave you the answer through prayer, he may just be fucking with you.

Never argue with a Lokist. They always win.

The goal of this line of questioning is to flip the apologetic script. If we can’t have an honest conversation about evidence, let’s talk about motivation. As atheists, we know why they are desperately trying to rationalize their beliefs, but why do they think we are trying to rationalize ours? Why would Darwin make this shit up? Why would anyone let him?

Are you a theist with answers? Comment below. Please, blow my mind.

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