I decided to start writing That Atheist as a semi-permanent record of my thoughts on matters some call divine. My thoughts, you see, have been scattered to the winds of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (remember that?); lost in the Hotel Messageboard where they can check in anytime they like, but can’t ever leave. From now on, I’ll be able to direct would-be trolls and flame-warriors here rather than forever debating anew.

Never Asked Questions (N.A.Q)

Who the hell are you?
I don’t believe in hell.

…who are you?
My name’s Grundy. Not my given name, but it’s what I go by on the Internets, so for SEO’s sake, it’s my name.

What religion are you?
Not applicable. I don’t believe in God, so in that way I’m an atheist. I don’t claim certain knowledge that there is no God, so in that way I’m agnostic. I prefer the term skeptic, even though it isn’t faith specific.

What religion were you?
I used to be a Christian Scientist and dabbled in Catholicism.

Why do you feel the need to promote non-belief? Are you trying to save people from non-hell?
It seems silly to believe in any of the world’s specific gods and I don’t want to think everyone is silly. If you’re a deist or pantheist or something, you may go about your business. Move along.

Have any other burning questions for me? Drop them in the comments