The Infideli Menu

As a proud son of a family of restaurateurs, I couldn’t help but notice a food service void. Where are all the philosophy of religion diners? More importantly, if there was one, what what it serve? Now we know.

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Asymmetrical Skepticism

Christians are skeptical. Christians, and theists in general, are skeptical of life arising from non-life and the universe originating from quantum fluctuations they’ve never observed. They don’t feel inclined to believe that consciousness as deep and self-aware as ours can arise through random mutations that are built upon and guided by only selective pressure. Don’t… Continue reading Asymmetrical Skepticism

The Apologist’s Appeal To Conditional Morality

The moral argument for God requires the existence of a moral realism that can only be sustained by a deity. To argue that moral facts exist, the apologist finds commonality between himself and the nonbeliever by highlighting mutual condemnation of certain actions. Common agreement does not prove a moral fact’s existence, it only shows a… Continue reading The Apologist’s Appeal To Conditional Morality

The Tipping Doubt

The last god I believed in was the version of Jesus seen through the eyes of Mary Baker Eddy, an American women who attributed overcoming health issues to faith healing after homeopathic “medicine” failed her. The religion she founded, called Christian Science, framed sin and sickness as errors of thought and framed thought as an… Continue reading The Tipping Doubt