Asymmetrical Skepticism

Christians are skeptical. Christians, and theists in general, are skeptical of life arising from non-life and the universe originating from quantum fluctuations they’ve never observed. They don’t feel inclined to believe that consciousness as deep and self-aware as ours can arise through random mutations that are built upon and guided by only selective pressure. Don’t… Continue reading Asymmetrical Skepticism

The Apologist’s Appeal To Conditional Morality

The moral argument for God requires the existence of a moral realism that can only be sustained by a deity. To argue that moral facts exist, the apologist finds commonality between himself and the nonbeliever by highlighting mutual condemnation of certain actions. Common agreement does not prove a moral fact’s existence, it only shows a… Continue reading The Apologist’s Appeal To Conditional Morality

Sin Vs Crime

Imagine you have a son mid-puberty. He appears to grow another inch every day, but his vocal cords are struggling to keep up with the man he is becoming. You’ve had the “birds and bees” talk, but whatever knowledge or values you managed to impart were filtered through the teenage mind. One day the police… Continue reading Sin Vs Crime

God Argument Power Rankings

The following is my personal assessment of the validity of popular apologetic arguments. The list goes from most valid to least valid. The Fine Tuning of the Universe: Could be valid, currently based on assumptions. There are a vast number of physically possible universes. A universe that would be hospitable to the appearance of life must… Continue reading God Argument Power Rankings